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Fusing indie rock and roots pop with an enlightened sense of self-discovery, River House Artists’ rising star Zach Seabaugh is a 25-year-old singer-songwriter who broke out in 2023 with the dusky dreamscape of an album debut, Mr. Nobody. Equal parts introspection and irresistible hooks, it was delivered with a brooding croon of singular style, and expertly-crafted anthems aiming for emotional insight.

A native of Marietta, Georgia now based in Nashville, early church-choir singing, guitar lessons and dreams of Broadway fueled his musical interest, while the sounds of country radio instilled a love for storytelling song craft and organic-pop songwriters like Ben Rector, Jack Johnson, and John Mayer showed how to plug in to the human condition. After graduating from Middle Tennessee State University, years of soul searching led to genre-defying epiphany, with Seabaugh pairing the spacious, ethereal grit of indie rock with a mellow blast of modern pop, acoustic energy and digital beats.

Releasing 2022 singles like laid-back romantic bullseye “Slingshot,” (co-written with Chance Peña and currently boasting more than 21 million Spotify streams), he followed up with Mr. Nobody in 2023, embracing a space between traditional genres to result in exponential growth. Capturing the confusing headspace where early adulthood ends, the album has helped push Seabaugh past 40 million global career streams and 1.6 million monthly Spotify listeners, fueled by a grass-roots following of fellow “nobodies.”

Hitting the road in the wake of debut success, Seabaugh followed up with the Live In Denver EP to capture the connective energy of his first-ever headlining show, and looking ahead, more headline shows await on an international, coast-to-coast run of shows through 2024, as his unique sound and radically honest headspace continue to evolve in lyric, melody and style.
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