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There’s something unique in Brother Elsey DNA. Comprised of siblings Brady (vocals and guitar), Beau (bass), and Jack Stablein (lead guitar), plus honorary kin Dalton Thomas (drums), these sons of Detroit have spent their lives working together to create a blueprint of musical connection, using sharp songcraft, a celestial-roots sound, and pure Midwestern grit to suss out common truths of the human condition. Freely mixing rock, folk, and country in ways both grounded and atmospheric, rugged yet serene, the quartet are now signed to Nashville’s River House Artists, and it’s time to reveal their family secrets. Named for the Stablein brothers’ great-grandfather, early gigs in high school led to Dalton joining in college, and a whirlwind of hard-earned grassroots growth. Along with a series of self-written and self-produced singles and EPs, a heavy self-booked tour scheduled culminated in tours alongside major acts like alt-rock icons The Wallflowers and the War and Treaty,  plus the transcendent 2021 EP debut, You Don’t Know Anything. After relocating to Nashville and expanding their road-warrior reputation, a new chapter now begins, fusing their unconventional sound with a knack for tapping the common well of humanist spirit. Featuring lofty soundscapes, husky-but-piercing vocals, blood harmonies, and down-to-earth craftsmanship, Brother Elsey’s new material both explores the emotions that guide (and restrict) modern life, and sharpens their unique brand of ethereal folk rock. Produced by Drew Long and recorded at East Nashville’s Ivy Hall, tracks like the cinematic “Passing Through” meet with patient observations (“Babylon”) and pent-up nervous energy (“Red Tape”), as the family band emerge on the national scene. Featured at the 2023 Americana Music Festival and beyond, Brother Elsey will also star in the film Dandelion (set to debut at SXSW 2024), and plan to tour with both Boy Named Banjo and SUSTO in the coming year.
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