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Austin is our newest signing to publishing and artist development at RHA. He is writing for his own artist project and has called himself 'Grunge Country,' where he meets somewhere between Devin Dawson, Eric Church, Brantley Gilbert, and Jelly Roll in his songs. 


His first single came out recently (Excuse The Mess) and has already streamed almost 5 million times (peaked at No. 6 on Spotify's USA Viral Top 50 chart!). He's already worked with or has on his calendar for the fall: Jody Stevens, Zach Abend, Paul DiGiovanni, Tim Nichols, Jake Rose, Michael Whitworth, Ray Fulcher, Erik Dylan, Andrew Baylis, Kevin Kadish, Jordan Walker, Jake Mitchell, and others. We just confirmed his management team as well as his first major label offer. He is currently writing exclusively for his artist project.
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